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The so-called kinesiology tape has been developed by the Japanese company Nitto Denko in collaboration with a Japanese chiropractor.

For many it is likely to be familiar and seen before in other competitive sports:
The blue, pink and black tape stripes adorn many footballers, athletes, tennis- and handball players for a long time.

What began with the athletes arrived also at many physiotherapy clinics in order to offer their patients an effective treatment method.

Application areas are mainly movement restrictions, pain, functional dysfunctions, injuries, muscle tension, degenerative joint disease and lymph problems.
Not just complimenting physiotherapy, the kinesiology taping has also proven as therapy in orthopedics, neurology, lymphology, gynecology and many other areas.

Meanwhile, horses can also benefit from the effects of the coloured tapes.

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Horses benefit from the effect of the tapes in the same way as humans. On the relatively short and smooth coat the tape adheres like on skin. It lifts the hair gently and with it the underlying skin.

The tape acts primarily through the skin, to the muscles and the neural and the  energetic systems. The body’s own healing processes should primarily be supported.

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Just as horses, even dogs can be treated with the Kinesiology K-Active Tapes.
However, many dogs have very long or frizzy hair due to the breed.

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Even cows can be successfully treated with the K-Active therapy. Often cattle are partly exposed to high loads, which you can treat with the K-Active Taping. The material must be carefully chosen because the durability as opposed to man or horse is even more problematic.

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